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International Programs:


Since 1908, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated has implemented programs of service impacting countless lives.


The 2018-2022 International Program will focus on Exemplifying Excellence Through Sustainable Service ℠. Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, through its nearly 300,000 members and 1,024 chapters, will have an opportunity to address community needs with programs in five target areas:


Target I: HBCU for Life: A Call to Action

  • CAP℠


Target II: Women's Healthcare and Wellness

  • Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention

  • Heart Health

  • Nutrition and Wellness

  • Care for the Caregivers

Target III: Building Your Economic Legacy

  • Personal Financial Planning and Asset Accumulation

  • Credit Repair and Monitoring

  • Entrepreneurship and The Black Dollar 365

  • Operation AKA Assist

Target IV: The Arts!

  • Salute to the Harlem Renaissance

  • Salute to the Black Arts Movement


Target V: Global Impact

  • Global Classrooms Project

  • Youth Hunger Initiatives in Africa

Community Impact Days

  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service (January)

  • Pink Goes Red for Heart Health Day (February)

  • AKA Global Impact Day (April)

  • AKA International Day of Prayer (August)

  • AKA HBCU Day (September)

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Day (October)

  • AKA Caregivers' Day (November)

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